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Whitechapel  by  Craig McLay

Whitechapel by Craig McLay
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The thrilling sequel to Deadline opens with the world on the brink of war. Iran has allegedly been caught testing nuclear weapons and is backing a terrorist group that just claimed responsibility for a horrifying bomb attack in central London.As one of the few people to survive the attack, Colin Mitchell is suspicious. He doesn’t believe it was the work of a bunch of crazed jihadists and thinks the evidence may point to a top secret mercenary group working for a shadowy organization within the government – the same one that may have been responsible for the death of his father years before.Whoever they are, they now seem to want Colin dead.

With his partner in a coma and his own brain starting to betray him thanks to an experimental drug designed to treat his extreme migraines, Colin is not exactly at his best.Colin has some experience with cults, but this group is far more powerful and dangerous than he can possibly imagine. They’ve been planning this war for almost a thousand years and chances are slim they’re going to let a nosy freelance journalist get in their way.

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